If you’ve ever been a member of the Dark Souls community or even if you’ve just heard about it, chances are you’ve come upon r/shittydarksouls. This subreddit, a refuge for lovers of the Dark Souls series, provides a distinct combination of comedy, sarcasm, and companionship that sets it different from other gaming communities. But what exactly is r/shittydarksouls, and why has it become such a treasured part of the internet?

The Dark Souls Community

The Dark Souls series, produced by FromSoftware, has earned a significant fanbase since its debut release in 2011. Known for its brutal difficulty, deep narrative, and dramatic world-building, Dark Souls has a passionate audience that spans the globe. The community is as broad as it is passionate, with fans coming together to exchange techniques, lore ideas, and, of course, memes.

What is r/shittydarksouls?

So, what’s the problem with r/shittydarksouls? Launched in 2013, this subreddit was formed as a spoof of the more serious Dark Souls groups. It’s a place where fans can poke fun at the series, post badly drawn fan art, and enjoy the idiosyncrasies and difficulties that come with being a Dark Souls player. The subreddit’s motto, “A community dedicated to the shittiest memes and art about Dark Souls,” accurately describes its character.

Memes and Humor

At the core of r/shittydarksouls resides its memes. Memes are the backbone of the subreddit, with members uploading anything from badly drawn MS Paint cartoons to amusing screenshots and video footage. These memes typically emphasize the absurdity and difficulty of the game, enabling fans to chuckle at the same things that drive them insane. Popular meme styles include the “Git Gud” meme, which mocks the game’s steep learning curve, and “You Died” jokes, referencing the iconic game over screen.

User-Generated Content

One of the most charming parts of r/shittydarksouls is the sheer ingenuity of its participants. From purposely poor fan art to creative modifications and mashups, the material is as diverse as it is interesting. Users regularly submit their own renditions on popular sequences and characters from the game, adding a funny touch that connects with the community. This user-generated material not only keeps the subreddit fresh and fascinating but also develops a feeling of belonging among its users.

Inside Jokes and References

Spend any time on r/shittydarksouls, and you’ll immediately notice a profusion of inside jokes and allusions. Whether it’s an homage to a particularly hard boss battle or a parody about the notorious “Praise the Sun” gesture, these in-jokes form a common language that only Dark Souls fans understand. They serve as a badge of honor, showing one’s involvement in the community and extensive comprehension of the game.

The Role of Satire

Satire has a key part in r/shittydarksouls. By exaggerating the game’s shortcomings and oddities, fans may criticize features of Dark Souls in a hilarious fashion. This satire frequently extends to the community itself, with memes poking fun at the elitism and gatekeeping that may exist in gaming circles. Through parody, r/shittydarksouls gives a lighter forum for followers to voice their complaints and enjoy a chuckle.

Rules and Guidelines

Every community requires rules, and r/shittydarksouls is no different. The subreddit has a defined set of principles aimed to preserve its cheerful and welcoming attitude. These guidelines include no hate speech, no serious conversations, and most importantly, all material must be connected to Dark Souls in a hilarious fashion. By following these rules, the moderators guarantee that r/shittydarksouls is a welcome and entertaining community for all fans.

Moderation Team

Behind every thriving subreddit is a devoted crew of moderators. These volunteers give their time to keep r/shittydarksouls functioning properly. Their duties vary from enforcing regulations and eliminating improper information to interacting with people and building a healthy community attitude. It’s no easy job, particularly considering the subreddit’s popularity, but the moderating crew handles it with grace.

Popularity and Growth

Since its beginning, r/shittydarksouls has witnessed significant development. What began as a small corner of the internet has evolved into a flourishing community with thousands of active individuals. Several elements contribute to its popularity: the worldwide attraction of comedy, the common enthusiasm for Dark Souls, and the inviting attitude of the community. As the Dark Souls series continues to gain new fans, r/shittydarksouls expands along with it.

Comparisons with Other Subreddits

While r/shittydarksouls is distinct, it’s intriguing to compare it with other Dark Souls subreddits. For instance, r/darksouls is more focused on serious debates, tactics, and lore. In contrast, r/shittydarksouls is all about having fun and not taking the game too seriously. This difference makes it a refreshing choice for those wishing to relax and enjoy some chuckles.

User Engagement

User participation is the pulse of r/shittydarksouls. Members communicate via comments, upvotes, and shared content, creating a lively and dynamic community. Whether it’s engaging in meme competitions or working on fan art, the subreddit promotes active engagement. This involvement generates a feeling of community and belonging, making r/shittydarksouls more than simply a place to peruse memes.

Events and Competitions

Special events and tournaments are a hallmark of r/shittydarksouls. From meme competitions to themed sketching challenges, these events bring the community together and promote creativity. Notable events include the yearly “Shitty Art Contest,” when users submit their finest (or worse) efforts at Dark Souls fan art. These activities not only give entertainment but also enhance the relationships among the community.

Impact on the Dark Souls Community

The impact of r/shittydarksouls stretches beyond its own limits. The subreddit has become a vital element of the greater Dark Souls community, contributing to conversations and trends that form the fandom. Notable memes and jokes regularly move from r/shittydarksouls to other corners of the internet, proving its wide-reaching effect. By creating a place for fun and inventiveness, r/shittydarksouls enriches the entire Dark Souls experience.


In conclusion, r/shittydarksouls is much more than simply a meme-filled subreddit; it’s a thriving community where fans can interact, laugh, and express their passion for Dark Souls. Its unique combination of comedy, ingenuity, and companionship has made it a treasured component of the Dark Souls fanbase. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a novice, r/shittydarksouls gives a novel and amusing viewpoint on the game we all like.


What is r/shittydarksouls?

r/shittydarksouls is a subreddit devoted to hilarious and satirical material relating to the Dark Souls franchise. It incorporates memes, badly drawn fan art, and inside jokes that poke fun at the game’s idiosyncrasies and obstacles.

How do I join r/shittydarksouls?

Joining r/shittydarksouls is simple. Simply visit the subreddit on Reddit, and if you have a Reddit account, you may subscribe to the subreddit to view its material in your feed and engage in conversations.

What are some popular memes on r/shittydarksouls?

Popular memes on r/shittydarksouls include “Git Gud” memes, which jokingly address the game’s difficulty, and “You Died” jokes, referencing the game’s frequent game-over screen. Other memes commonly lampoon hard boss encounters and the game’s complex mythology.

How do I create content for r/shittydarksouls?

To contribute material for r/shittydarksouls, you may design comical fan art, make memes, or submit funny video clips linked to Dark Souls. The idea is to keep the material pleasant and compatible with the subreddit’s comedic tone.

How does r/shittydarksouls differ from other Dark Souls subreddits?

r/shittydarksouls focuses on comedy and satire, making it unique from other Dark Souls subreddits that may concentrate on serious debates, methods, or mythology. It provides a friendly and casual atmosphere where fans may laugh at the game’s problems and idiosyncrasies.

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