Design Your Own Custom Mylar Packaging Down to the Film

Your product packaging can determine whether you catch your customers’ eyes or get overlooked on grocery store shelves. In addition, options like barrier packaging can keep your products fresh and safe for your consumers. Therefore, if you are like most food manufacturers, you have probably begun investigating other food packaging options. Did you know that you can customize almost everything about your mylar packaging?

Extend Shelf Life

The films used in mylar packaging have a significant impact on the freshness of your food. For example, the polyester film on these mylar packages makes them puncture and tear-resistant, so they keep out external environmental contaminants that could cause spoilage. However, they also have an aluminum film layer. This layer prevents oxidation due to oxygen, light and moisture, which protects your food products from mold and bacteria growth.

Customize Your Design

Custom mylar bags have several design and size options. You can even customize the shape of your mylar bags to make them stand out further on the shelf. Some mylar packaging even stands up on the shelf, creating an eye-catching display for your customers.

Choose a custom-printed design with enticing visuals, including images, photos and attractive text options. You can include company stories, brand values and other text to give your products more personality and solidify your brand in your customers’ minds. Remember to reinforce your brand using your brand colors. Don’t forget that each color can impact your customers’ emotions as well.

You can get prototypes and gain feedback on these options before making a major packaging change as well.

Preserve Product Quality

These film barriers in mylar product packaging keep your food fresh. They prevent it from absorbing odors from the foods and other products surrounding them. In addition, because the packaging is durable, these options aren’t easily penetrated, keeping out other contaminants. This packaging also keeps your food tasting great. Whereas rigid packaging can cause a stale flavor and packaging can give it a metallic taste over time, mylar packaging keeps the flavor in your food.

Choose Sustainable Options

You have likely heard thousands of news stories and individuals speak about protecting the planet. As a food manufacturer, you can make a big difference by choosing packaging options that are sustainable. This can make a significant impact on your customers’ perceptions of your brand and products, and more customers seek out sustainable, eco-friendly companies than ever before.

Mylar packaging is sustainable. Not only are recycled materials used in their production, but in many cases, your customers can recycle them again. In addition, they take up less space in a landfill than other options. They also break down more easily and do not harm the environment. They also take less energy and raw materials to make, reducing carbon emissions.

Many mylar packaging options are also reusable. They may have zippers or other reclosing mechanisms that allow customers to reuse them for other products.

As you research the benefits of stand up pouch packaging, consider the reasons to invest in mylar packaging. Explore the benefits available to you through fully customizable packaging options.

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